Vacum cleaner smelling lovely

A great tip for a lovely fragranced vacum cleaner is to put a few drops of your favourite smelling oil onto a cotton wool ball and place it in the vacum cleaner bag or dust collector.


Cleaning a microwave

A quick way to clean a microwave is to place a slice of lemon into the microwave. Start on full power for about 30 seconds. This will help lift any grease or dried on food. Then wipe clean with a hot cloth. 


Easy and it smells lovely and fresh too

This weeks detail clean – in manageable steps


You could get this job done in one day or spread it out over the week. It’s best to decide how you are going to do it and then stick to it so that it becomes a routine to you. I would recommend breaking it down over the week

Tools you need to get the job done

Hoover or brush (depending on the floor type)

Feather duster

2 cleaning cloths or kitchen paper if you prefer

window cleaner

bucket of warm soapy water

Fresh Bedding



  • The bed gets changed as part of our weekly routine anyway, but I have included it here in this week’s detail clean as we are cleaning the bedroom this week.
  • Remove all covers off the bed, including sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover.
  • Once all the covers are off the bed I place all the dirty covers into one of the pillow cases for taking to the washing machine.
  • Hoover the Mattress
  • Put clean sheets back on the bed
  • Replace the duvet cover and pillow cases.
  • Put covers into washing machine.
  • Dry and iron duvet covers and pillow cases and place back in the laundry cupboard.
  • If I ever get a maid I will have my bedding changed every day :-)


  • Feather dust all around the edge of the ceiling and bedroom surfaces
  • Hoover all the room including under the bed! and close up around the skirting boards


  • Wipe over skirting boards and doors
  • Clean window and window cill


  • Put away anything that has been left hanging around


  • Polish tops of surfaces. If anyone has allergies you may want to use a damp cloth for this, but just check your furniture is ok with that.

All ready for weekend fun and relaxation

Free organising/decluttering

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Free 3 hour House Organising sessions

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Cleaning a pan



Cleaning stuck on food off a pan

  • fill with water
  • add salt
  • Go to bed :-)
  • In the morning wipe food off with ease and smile

This weeks Main Cleaning Task

This week I chose my conservatory to have a good clean, a bit like a spring clean but in September LOL.

I decided to go for a one day clean this week as I had a free day – very unusual for me. I usually like to spread my cleaning over 5 days to fit it in. But I do enjoy a good clean so I had a cleaning therapy day.

This was on my agenda for the room

  • pulled all the furniture into the middle of the room
  • Drew back all the blinds
  • Washed down all the window frames and sills
  • Cleaned all the windows
  • kept removing spiders as they emerged from their dusty home, put them in the garden
  • cleared out my magazine rack
  • hoovered everywhere
  • moped the floor
  • smiled
  • still smiling later in the evening when I put a lamp on in there and knew it was all nice and clean and spider free